A Conversation With J.E. Skeets of NBA TV’s The Starters

I had the chance to chat with J.E. Skeets of NBA TV’s The Starters.

During our Podcast, we chatted about:

  • As a 30-something Canadian who grew up loving basketball instead of hockey, I’m always intrigued when I meet someone else who loves basketball instead of hockey. How’d Skeets become a basketball fan?
  • Before he started podcasts and vlogs he had a blog. He dishes the story on how that blog was the result of a bet with buddies.
  • Tas and Skeets started their video podcast while filming in Skeets’ condo in Toronto. He shared the funny backstory and some memories about the process of filming in a condo games room.
  • What motivated Skeets to get up early every day and record the podcast? Where there ever times when he thought about tapping out?
  • I talk with NBA rookies about “surreal moments” like being on the court with their favourite player for the first time.  Skeets shared a surreal moments working for NBA TV that involves Chris Webber.
  • He has always been loyal to his community of coworkers (producers, co-hosts, etc). He explains how the team he works with has become a big part of his individual and the success of The Starters as a team.
  • Watching from home, the Starters coverage of Vegas Summer League is a fun show for me to watch.  He dished on some highlights of covering summer league.
  • Skeets shares something young sports journalists should know.
  • We finish the Podcast with Skeets sharing a journalism idea for the future that should have basketball fans really excited.

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