Game Coverage VLOG of BIG3 in Detroit

I had a blast covering The BIG3 in Detroit last weekend. Even though I’ve already posted a bunch of video clips on Twitter and a couple of videos on YouTube, I wanted to dig a little deeper and get more content out. I thought a great way to get all of my coverage out would be a VLOG on YouTube and a Podcast.

Some of the topics in this VLOG include:

* Ice Cube and BIG3 players made an impact on the city of Detroit off of the court (0:52)
* Gary Payton explains his coaching style and why he needs players who are okay with his fiery personality (2:33)
* Players explain why the chance for camaraderie with former NBA players is a big reason why they love being part of this league (4:17)
* Gary Payton on rivalries forming in the BIG3 and Nate Robinson getting kicked out of the game (8:37)
* Al Harrington on teams fighting through injuries to key players and Trilogy enjoying success from an inside-out style of play (TIME)
* Reggie Evans talks about building a team culture (11:45)
* Jason Maxiell and Michael Cooper complain that the NBA has turned more into a finesse game (14:35)
* Big Baby hitting 3’s now (17:00)
* Nancy Lieberman explains the process for selecting teams in the BIG3 (17:33)

If you don’t want to watch a 20-minute video, you can also download the Podcast version by clicking on one of the links below.

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