A Conversation With Rashad McCants About His Book “Plantation Education”

This month I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of the new book from Rashad McCants called “Plantation Education.”

To say it was an eye-opener was an understatement. The first chapter dealt with some history that I had a tough time learning about, but, reading this book is something that is going to help me change some ways that I coach my basketball team this season and it will help me better understand some social issues that need to change.

Having the chance to chat with Rashad about his book was a treat and it’s something I think will be a different listen but a Podcast you’ll really enjoy.

Some of the topics we covered during our chat include:

* There‚Äôs a lot of history that I learned reading this book and Rashad explained why it didn’t take long to complete his research
* He has a bunch of great ideas for NCAA reform in Chapter 7 that we dig into and discuss why it’s unlikely the NCAA would consider any of them
* Why Australia, Europe or the G League are ideal options for elite high school athletes instead of college ball
* North Carolina has a Confederate statue on campus that’s been up since 1913 and if he’d known about it he wouldn’t have attended UNC
* Why it’s important that an Audio Book is being released as well
* Some highlights of working on this book with his sister, Rashada McCants

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